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greatlakeprepster said:
I just found this blog and I love it! Proud to be from Michigan!

awh thanks! someday i’ll update when i don’t have 6000000 other things to worry about.

anyone wanna admin?

- liz

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… And we’re back! 

Sorry ya’ll, we keep going inactive! D: 

Keep harassing me and I’ll get on shit! 

- Liz

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You do realize that you spelled Grosse Pointe wrong, right? Just so you know…

Apologies! I’m not from there, and I think I copied and pasted that from their submission.

- Liz

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Do either of you go to WMU by any chance?

I’m the only one in college, and I go to Northern. 

I’m from Kalamazoo, though. Why?

- Liz

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Ughhhh sorry guys. I just started college so I’ve not been up dating. It would help.if we had more submissions!

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Anonymous said:
proud to be a michigander

So are we! :)

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